Ms.Shadow is a bad influence

Writing dumb characters is hard and fun at the same time. Rory, you are a giant moron. 

R: *He knocks on Shadow’s door* Ms.Shadow?

Sh: *sigh* come in Dear

R: Hi. How are you feeling? *He dons a scarf around his neck to hide the bruises M4 gave him.*

Sh: A little better but not by much, and how are you today Rory?

R: Ok. I’m ok. *He casts his eyes down and he began to fiddle with his hands.*

Sh: No you are not, please do not lie to me Rory. I have been hearing much about your antics lately but i would prefer to hear things from your own mouth

R: *He winces and he began to sit on the bed.* I attacked Ghosty and Tigrhia and ate a few humans. I was under a rather powerful anon curse.

Sh: I see, well its a good thing i sent Richter on a mission to clean up your little “leftovers” isn’t it. other wise there might have been some serious trouble

R: *He pales. You what? /I was saving them for later…./

Sh: you were sloppy and you left them out in the open Rory, anyone could have found them and called the police and with the way you killed them there would have been some serious investigations, ones that other magical beings could have suffered from

R: …wait what? You’re not mad that I ATE A HUMAN? *He blinked and began to fiddle with his hands more.* Everyone had been threatening me with prison or sending me to a lab….

Sh: oh I’m cross alright, I’m cross with how messy and amateurish you where by leaving bits all over the place, if your going to be eating people Rory you need to be smart about it

R: …wat. *His eyes popped open wide and his hair bristled up.* I’M NOT GOING TO EAT PEOPLE AGAIN. I SWEAR. I PROMISED M4 THAT…..

Sh: Rory calm down okay, what Mark doesn’t know or find out about will not hurt him alright, I’m sure he’s mostly angry with you hurting the others and causing a stir

R: I….*He blushed and placed his head in his hands.* The anon brought out the worst in me. Things that were actually in me.

Sh: everyone has a dark side Rory, but that doesn’t mean you need to push it away or shun it completely  magical creatures often suffer with it more as we are often of a more primal nature than humans are, the anon let out a lot of your more primal instincts that your human side twisted into cruelty

R: You mean…it’s ok to be…like Formicus? *He blinks and turns to look at the window.* Even when I was him, I only liked to pick off the…/disgusting/ sods that call themselves humans. Drunks, thieves, murderers. I only like to devour them. Is that ok?

Sh: that is very good, those are the sorts of people that no one would miss or get to concerned about when they go missing though even then you must choose your prey carefully.

Sh: its all about moderation dear, you only eat when you are hungry and never kill more than you have to

R: *He begins to fiddle with his hands again. His stomach growled.* I don’t think Flour would approve though. She wouldn’t like me eating people….

Sh; she need to understand that your instincts are a part of you, this hunger you have and your primal side are as much a part of you as your love of cooking or your friendly nature, if she is truly to become your mate she must accept and love all of you.

R: Right. *He begins to shutter and his stomach growled loudly.* Can you…can you teach me how to hunt prey? I’m…I’m not sure I can do it again without that anon guidance…. *He looked up at her with worry and he curled up into a depressed ball.* How do you and Cletus to it? Kill these random strangers?

Sh: Cletus is different because he only hunts for sport and he enjoys death, I hunt for many reasons, to feed, to relive my anger, to keep my skills sharp and because it is what i have been trained to do, I am very picky though and i usually only hunt those that try to hunt me first

R: *He shutters again and nodded.* I just want my stomach to shut up. I tried eating steak, but it isn’t helping. I don’t know why I want to eat…humans…so much. *He flops backwards on the bed and he sighed.* They aren’t even that good. Too tough.

Sh: its not the taste Rory its the need to hunt, to feel the thrill of the chase and the kill, your natural animal instinct was awakened by that blasted anon and now you cannot help it

R: I’M AN ANT. We forage. We collect leaves and stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever hunted a day in my life. *He won’t mention the fact that he rather enjoyed the thrill of the chase.*

Sh: ants still kill prey Rory, and the way you became what you are today might also have something to do with it

R: I don’t! I never did! I just cooked meat! *He started to look rather frantic and he curled up into a ball, his knees hugging his chest*…are you saying that Grey made me like this?

Sh: *she gently smoothed back his hair trying to sooth him* It is a possibility you know how cruel he could be at times, but its alright Rory you don’t have to be ashamed of this, I promise I will help you

R: *He whipped his head over to face Shadow, his eyes looked haunted and scared.* Help me get some food.

Sh: come on then, lets get you fed then *she gestured for him to follow her as she silently made her way out of the tower and into the city*

R: *He nervously followed her, his body hunched over slightly so he may be less noticeable in the dark city streets. The man’s stomach continued to whine and growl, making him whine and growl as well.* Are you going to make me kill him?

 Sh: I’ll lure him to you and if you want to kill him then you can but if not i’ll do it for you okay?

R: *He nodded and shifted into his half-way form, which was taller and slightly beefier than his human form.* Okay. I’ll just hide…in this alleyway. Alone. In the dark…

Sh: okay I shouldn’t be too long *shadow slinked away to a near by bar and was goon for several minuets before exiting again and making her way down the street towards him, almost seconds after she left the bar a shifty looking man started silently trailing after the supposed vulnerable woman, it was clear what his intentions were though he might be in for a bit of a shock*

R: *He growled silently and crouched behind a dumpster, trying to prepare himself for the kill. As it turns out, it wasn’t hard to prepare himself. He snarled and he flexes his four hands, he was ready to pounce. Rory’s mind clouded and only his need to eat and take the carcass back to his queen and mate filled his head space.* Hurry up.

Sh: *she looked around and acted frightened as she walked into the dark ally, the would be predator following her couldn’t believe his luck and swiftly followed in behind in preparation to have his fun*

R: *The insect took this opportunity to pounce on the man. He tore out the scum’s throat and he began to bash his head up against the dumpster, trying to subdue him. Finally, he used the old ant tradition of constantly biting the human until he perished from the wounds. At last, the man was dead. With a wild look, Rory faced Shadow with a haunted smile.* How did I do?

Sh: *she stroked his hair gently trying to calm him down a bit from his high* you did very well Rory, a few little trick to work on but for a first unguided kill it was wonderful

R: *He suddenly turned away from her and he began to devour the man, the ant split open his chest cavity and began to slurp out the chest meat and the internal organs with haste. He held out a heart to Shadow.* Hey, want some, he’s pretty good. *He spoke in a rather goofy way, as if he was offering Shadow some ice cream or a piece of pizza. This was, unfortunately  Rory.*

Sh: *she took the offered heart gratefully  she had not been eating well lately but the scent of the mans blood made her ravenous as she torn into the heart happily*

R: *He continued to dig into the corpse, his thorax wagging happily as he emptied the chest cavity and started to munch on an arm.* This is so good…

Sh: try to eat as much as you can and be careful about too much blood splatter

 Sh: what ever you don’t eat i can give to Richter

R: *He nodded and continued to eat his fill, devouring the man’s flesh until about half of the corpse was left.* I’m good. I’m full. *He began to lay down on the ground, a smile on his bloodied face.* Please don’t tell my wife.

Sh: Its alright Rory, I won’t tell if you don’t *she gave him a teasing wink as she finished off the rest of the heart and managed to summon enough magic to sent the rest of the body to Richter’s room, knowing that the golem would know what to do*

R: *He curled up into a small and content ball of chitin  the antennae on the ant wiggling over the meal.* That was really good. *His face was dopey, as if he was smitten by 13 all over again, this time however, there was a large amount of blood on his face.* Hey Shadow, you’re a magical creature right?

Sh: hmmm last time I checked I was indeed magical yes *she was teasing him fondly*

R: Do magical creatures like us have hangouts? I want to see more of…”our kin”. *He sits up and licks the blood from his face.* I need to get out of the tower more, leave 13 alone to do her own things, you know?

Sh: I’m glad you asked dear, there is in fact a whole street purly for creatures like us hidden away from prying human eyes, I can take you there if you like?

R: *He springs up and he turns back into his more human form.* Yeah! I wana meet people like me!

Sh: well i do know this lovely Drider who runs a tailor, she seems rather frightful at first but she’s a complete sweet heart *she slowly lead Rory out of the ally and down several streets before coming to what seemed like a dead end down an ally* Here we are

R: Drider? What’s a drider? *He cocks his head before slamming into the wall. The bug splutters and coughs before looking up at the ball. He gives a sheepish grin and his points to the bricked wall.* There’s a wall here.

Sh: *she giggled before holding her hand to the wall and murmurer something to quiet for him to here, she then grabbed his arm and pulled him straight through the wall. on the other side was what could only be described as Diagon ally meets Narnia*

R: *His eyes opened wide and he stares at the collection of magical beings. He passed a werewolf with his rather hipster vampire boyfriend, a chimera lady arguing with a will-o-wisp. The ant waved to a little necromancer girl who was playing with a reanimated skeleton of a cat. This was fascinating to him. Amazing really.* Wow. This is cool. Where are we going to first?

Sh: would you like to meet Veraina? she is the drider I told you about

R: Sure! I’d love to meet her! *He gave a wide smile and he followed the woman down the street, trying to take in the wide sights and sounds of this magical world that Rory never saw. They even passed a few harmless anons, including a kind rotund anon who refers herself as PA.*

Sh: *she waved to a few people as the passed soon leading Rory to what appeared to be a tailors shop, the sign had a picture of a spider and the name “Driders Silks” embossed in black. Shadow led him inside greeting the shops owner cheerfully* Hello Veraina I hope bushiness is doing well

Veraina: *the creature behind the counter was a terrifying hybrid of human a d spider, the soft supple form of a woman’s upper half seemingly grafted onto the body of a spider, she smiled warmly at Shadow and spoke with a thick Romanian accent as she greeted them both* Ha hello my dear it is wonderful to see you again, business has been doing well I must say

R: *Rory’s eyes widened and he nearly fainted from what he had saw. Spiders were on his list of animals he did not like. Spiders along with Anteaters, arvarks, birds, lizards, frogs…the list can go on. But spiders were one of the worst. He’d seen countless of his kin be slowly devoured by a female spider. One of the benefits to humanity is shooing those spiders away. He clutched onto Shadow and whimpered for help.* You didn’t tell me that she was a spider….

Sh: Oh I’m so sorry Rory I forgot, please don’t be frightened Veraina is actually a vegetarian…. well as much of a vegetarian as she can be

R: *He was still as stiff as a board and he turned to shadow, his voice raised slightly in nervous anger.* Yeah and I thought that I wouldn’t ever eat humans but now look at what happened!

 Veraina: *she perked up eagerly at the sight of Rory he smile nearly spiting her face * Oh My another insect my goodness its been so long, and a little ant as well oh you are just adorable I’ve never seen an ant hybrid before, please tell me  are there other insects like you where you live???

R: *He was still stiff, but his scared face morphed into a frown.* Not really. There’s only me. I’m kinda a rarity. A special case. *He sighed and began to scratch at the back of his head.* Anons.

Veraina: *her face fell slightly at this* oh that is such a shame, there are not many of my kind in the world any more but its always nice to meet a fellow insect, even if you are not a spider like me

R: *He scratched his arm awkwardly and he looks up fearfully at the drider.* Well spiders are arachnids, not insects. We’re both arthropods though. *He gave a meek smile and he laughs.* It is nice to meet a fellow arthropod. No matter how scary she looks.

Veraina; Ah your such a clever little ant, and you need not worry dear I get the fearful looks quite often, I sort of like to scare people sometimes hehehe

 R: Well I have reason to. *He laughs and runs his hands through his hair.* Back when I was a normal ant, spiders would attack my colony all the time. I don’t really like to scare people. I actually prefer to cook them…food! I cook food for them! I don’t eat them! *He got a panicked look on his face.*

Veraina: Oh no need to be so shy, things are much different in this world than in the undergrowth, many a time I have eaten humans that had foolishly wandered into my woods, it is only now that I can no longer hunt that i must confine mysef to prekilled meat

R: …But. My wife is…was human. Isn’t it wrong to eat her kind?…. *He blushed and began to fiddle with his hands again. He then quickly laughed, trying to change the subject* Ooh! So I hear that you’re a tailor! That’s cool, I’m a weaver ant, that kind of stuff comes naturally to me!

 Veraina: *she was more than elated to have some one to talk about her craft with* Oh yes I just love making things, and my silk just makes the most wonderful dresses, Miss Shadow is even wearing one of my creations right now

Sh: yes and it has served me very well, you know Rory Drider silk is exceptionally strong, even more so than normal spiders silk

 R: *He gives a wide smile and nodded. He displayed his bloodied black vest with white button-up shirt. He also had some black slacks.* I made these myself! *He turns to Shadow and nodded* Really? Cool. I’ll need something strong to keep up with my transformations.

Veraina: Oh mister Rory I could make you something wonderful, I’m use to making clothes that can stretch with shifting forms I could make you something both very practical and very stylish if you would like?~

R: *He blushed and smiled* Oh you would really do that? You’re very kind. I think I have some human money. Do you guys take American dollars here? *He turned to look at Shadow, wondering how he should go about with this transaction.*

Sh: Don’t worry Dear, I’ll get this for you i have plenty of money anyway *she smiled and started to pull out her coin pouch*

Veraina: Oh yes and don’t forget, you can have a special discount for this being a fellow Arthropod

 R: *He smiled and hugged his “auntie” Shadow.* Thank you, you have done so much for me today! Is there anything I can give back to you, I’d feel terrible if I just let you go off and do all of these things for me. *He turns back to Veraina* Really? Cool! Thank you! *He jumped up and down in excitement* Eeee. I love this place!

 Sh: Its no trouble Rory, I’m glad your happy and to like it here you deserve to feel welcomed by both aspects of yourself, both human and magical

R: *He gives a large smile and he turns back to the drider* Ok! What do you need me to do?

Veraina: just come to the back room so I can take your measurements and then you can pick out the colours you would like~

R: *He nodded and followed her happily into the back room.* Would you need measurements of both my forms?

Veraina: yes please, i must note down where any extra limbs will be coming out as well as the change in size *she took out a long tape measure and started measuring his human form with practiced speed and efficiancey*

R: *He stands there awkwardly humming a short song before shifting into his ant form. Hit was a few more inches taller than his human form, and had extra arms, a thorax, and awkwardly bend legs coming out of his pants, as if he was a buggy satyr  He chittered, laughing, and clacked his mandibles.* Cool huh?

Veraina: *she nodded happily and noted down the new measurements as well as the placement of extra limbs and his thorax* they we are all done, now would you like to see my fabrics? i have many different colours for you to choose from

R: Sure! What kind of clothes are you going to make the fabric into? *He chatters happily and he changes back to human form.*

Veraina: well for practicality sake i was thinking a full body suit, one that could stretch to your size as well as having extra holes for you other arms to ft through

R: *He nods approvingly and smiled once more.* If it is going to be a suit, then make it black with…red highlights. Can you do something like that? *He chitters again and rubs his hands together* I’ll come to you when I need my wedding tux.

Veraina: hmmmm yes i am sure i can do that *she practically beams at him when he mentions weddings* oh yes yes, perhaps I could make your lovely lady a nice dress as well, I absolutely adore making wedding dresses~

R: *He gives a wide smile and nodded happily* Awesome! I have a seamstress for the wedding then! *He giggled and began to rock on his feet.* I can’t wait for it. I’m trying to shoot for a June wedding.

Veraina: Oh yes a lovely wedding inn the summer how delightful~ * Vernina clapped her hands excitedly* You just leave the clothes to me Mister Rory i promise you won’t be disappointed ~

R: *He nodded happily and stood in place. He called out to Shadow, as if a little kid would call to his nanna.* HEY SHADOW! I FOUND A SEAMSTRESS FOR THE WEDDING! ISN’T THAT COOL??? *Yup. A little kid who eats people.*

 Sh: hehehe yes that’s great Rory, Veraina’s dresses are renowned in these parts you are a very lucky man to have her making your tux

R: *He smiled and turned back to the Drider.* I humbly thank you. Also Shadow, can I not invite M4 to the wedding???

Sh: *she frowned at this* oh has something happened?

 R: *He sighed and called her over.* Check my neck and wrists.

Sh: *she looked at the bruises and sighed* Oh Rory you know how he gets when he is worried, and you did hurt three people whist under the anon spell, I’m sure with time he will ease up

 R: …HE CHOKED ME. HE TOOK HIS COLD METAL HANDS AND CHOKED ME! *His voice became higher pitched and he held his sore wrists.* He isn’t any better….

Sh: *she shushed him softly* he was angry Rory, would you act any differently if you were in his position when the people you are sworn to protect are hurt by someone ho is also a team mate?

 R: Well I wouldn’t choke them! And I didn’t even mean to hurt them….

Sh: but can you see why he was angry, why he was probably scared? you may not have meant to Rory but it still happened and Mark is so terrified of losing control it terrifies him that it could happen again

R: And he doesn’t think that I’m terrified as well? Doesn’t he think I’m fucking scared that I’m going to hurt my friends, or worse, my adoptive mother and FIANCEE. *He sighed and curls up his fists.* It’s not fair. I try to be a good person.

Sh: *she sighed and rubbed his arm gently* I know you do Sweetie, we all do but sometimes it just doesn’t work out, Mark is just…. well hes really just to human to understand why you can’t help your urges. its not something humans can really accept and to be fair i suppose they have the right to

 R: I don’t want these urges. I really don’t. they suuu…oh goddammt.

Sh: and I promise I will help yo control them, perhaps a trip to the wilds would be a good start. you could learn to hunt animals instead of humans that way everyone wins

R: Animals? *He blinked and nodded.* That sounds good. I..I can do that. No big deal. *He turns back to the drider and smiled* Sorry. I don’t usually whine like this.

Veraina: It is alright Mister Rory, we often have werewolf and vampire younglings suffering the same such urges, it is normal for many magical beings you have no need to be nervous

R: Thank you miss Veraina!

Veraina: *the drider smiled and nodded* your clothes will take about a week to make so i will send a message to Miss Shadow when they are done okay?

R: *He bows and thanks her* Thank you miss! Shadow? Can I go home now…I need to make some apologies.

Sh: Of course dear lets go *she waved farewell to Veraina and led Rory back to the street entrance  next time we come here I’ll show you how to enter on your own okay?

R: *He nodded sadly and smiled* Right. I want to show Jordan this place.

Sh: make sure you don’t go blabbing to everyone about it though, its a dangerous place for humans so you need to be careful

R: Of course, only mom and Jordan will know…and Jordan isn’t even human any more!

Sh: Ah yes I heard about her new changes, I hope shes taking to them well

 R: Better than I thought she would. *He shutters and had a pleased look on her face.* Very well.

 Sh: And your happy that she’s like this now? you don’t regret making her change? *she is wary when she asks him noticing the look on his face*

 R: *He perked up and stared at her.* Well It got some taking used two when I snapped out of it, and she doesn’t regret it, she actually likes it. So why must I make her unhappy by saying that I don’t like her change? And why are you looking at me like that?

Sh: I’m just making sure your happy Rory, i know how upset you have been by all of this and i just want to make sure you and Jordan are still okay…. after all I really do want to see some grandbabies someday after all *she snickered wickedly*

R: …we’re going to have strange kids. *His eyes widened and he blushed* I don’t think I can handle a flying ant-owl-human baby.* He makes a terrified face.* I’m going to be a terrible dad.

 Sh: oh hush you’ll be a wonderful father, and besides they’ll have lots of aunties and uncles to look after them as well so everything will be fine

R: *He smiled and nodded at Shadow* Thank you miss Shadow. For everything. You make me feel better. Don’t forget to take me on that wilderness trip ok!

Sh: Of course dear, I was thinking about taking the little cat as well, i think she could do with the exersize once she’s all healed up

R: Oh…I hope she’s ok. *He looks down and frowned.* I feel so bad…

Sh: She’ll be alright you just need to take things slow around her and show her you mean well *she sighed sadly* something tells me that shes all to use to this sort of thing happening to her

R: Oh. *He frowns and scratches his arm again.* I’ll be by her bedside until she gets better! And I’ll cook her a lot of food!

Sh: hmmmm I’m sure she’ll like that very much, just remember to give her space as well, try not to smother the girl okay?

R: Right!

Sh: come one then lets go home

 R: Yes ma’am. *He smiled and walked back home, feeling much better.*

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